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2 Years

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Saturday, 10 July, 2021
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B: Stray/At Large
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3801 NE 5 AV, OAKLAND PARK FL 33334
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7 days ago


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A2148204Saturday, 10 July, 2021DATE: 07/10/21 INTAKE: FIELD GREEN YELLOW Aggression? No If yes, what happened? Level of Fear? Low Med Level of Friendliness? Med High Microchip: NO Initials: 3187 Saturday, 10 July, 2021 1:32PMBehavior
A2148204Saturday, 10 July, 2021[BLANK]Saturday, 10 July, 2021 2:22PMMedical
A2148204Saturday, 10 July, 2021Tech Exam History:stray TPR: not able to obtain Physical Examination General Appearance: bar, friendly, good appetite Eyes: no abnormalities noted Ears: no abnormalities noted Oral: pink mm, mild tartar Cardio/Respiratory: no abnormalities noted Musculoskeletal: no abnormalities noted Neurologic: no abnormalities noted Lymphatic: no abnormalities noted Skin: no abnormalities noted Abdomen: no abnormalities noted Urogenital: no abnormalities noted Treatment: K9 Influenza SQ R shoulder,4ml Flea and Tick topical,51-100# Interceptor tab PO Ivermectin and pyrantel are provided orally once a month for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention Saturday, 10 July, 2021 2:18PMMedical
A2148204Monday, 19 July, 2021Bernard is hard to read, and i do not feel comfortable with him. he does understand some verbal commands. he knows sit, and is very treats motivated. when i was spot cleaning i pointed to other side, and he understood and let me clean. however he is already anxious in kennel, i lock him over if i take a neighboring dog out because he charges kennel with full force. when walking outside, i have to do it when there is slim to no other dogs outside. he will use all of his strength to pull towards other dogs at a distance and it is hard to manage it. the entire walk if there is no dogs he is constantly looking for one. looking back and forth whimpering. when going back inside he may brake on handler. i use both leashes and treats (very motivated) to get him back. in addition i lock the other dogs over.Monday, 19 July, 2021 7:9PMBehavior
A2148204Thursday, 22 July, 2021Bernard has the worst dog reactivity I've seen in a while. He's friendly to me, came out of his kennel just fine. Outside, he's a total nightmare. Impossible to walk for my strength level - it took everything just to get him safely to a yard. Even in the yard he didn't stop. He continued to try and climb the fence and even chew through it, he was so anxious to get to other dogs. I didn't feel comfortable giving him time to figure out how to jump over so I took him straight back to his kennel (or rather, wrestled him there). He didn't even go to the bathroom. Bernard is in dire need of behavioral modification.Thursday, 22 July, 2021 12:12PMBehavior
A2148204Saturday, 24 July, 2021boosterSaturday, 10 July, 2021 2:19PMMedical
A2148204Thursday, 05 August, 202108/05/21 16:08 I spent some time with Bernard today due to staff reports that he displays a lot of reactive type beahviors towards other animals and difficult to handle due to this. When approaching his cage he readily came to the front with neutral BL (body position neutral, face soft, ears neutral position) and readily ate the treats that I offered. Tank (hitting the front of the gate, pulling at it with his mouth, growling, and barking when other dogs pass) was right next to him so I did guillotine him off on the opposite side of the kennel to take him out. He was easy to leash and walk outside, but was very strong on leash. He continued taking treats for me throughout this and he urinated before coming into the office. Once in the office he immediately solicited attention from me. This seemed to be a strong reinforcer to him and he really enjoyed and wanted attention, as well as, treats. No interest in toys during this session. We worked on hand targeting, eye contact, and a + interrupter while in the office and he did excellent with all of these. He also already knew the cue for sit and would even readily offer this behavior without being cued. I was putting together some treatment plans after this on the computer and kept him in the office with me to give him some time to relax. He had a difficult time with this initially and kept pacing and attempting to solicit attention. However, after a while he did lay down and relaxed for a bit. On our way back to the kennel we walked outside. I placed the leash in a harness type position and this helped significantly with walking him back. He again urinated right away. We walked around the dumpster area to where we were facing the play yards. There happened to be quite a few dogs and handlers out at that time and I noticed that he became focused quickly and his BL became more alert (body weight shifted forward, ears forward, body more tense). I began treating him for looking at them and within a few repetitions of this he began offering looks back at me and sits while looking at me which I reinforced. We walked a bit forward (apx. 10 feet) and he was no longer able to look back at me or offer eye contact/sit. He was still eating treats when I put them in front of his face, but was not looking for them as he had been before. I then did the let's go game and he readily redirected for me with just a few feet of space and I was able to reinforce. We practiced this several (cont in next memo) JJThursday, 05 August, 2021 4:19PMBehavior
A2148204Thursday, 05 August, 2021Current handling plan is as follows (JJ): General: - Bernard has been reactive when walking past other kennels in the past, if you are more comfortable, please guillotine the other dogs on the opposite side of the kennels before handling. - Bernard does hyper focus on other animals at a distance, please see below instructions for further details on helping with modification. If you feel more comfortable, walk at times where less dogs are outside. Leashing: - Approach cage and offer a treat - Ask for a sit and offer a treat when he sits - Only open the cage door if 4 paws are on the ground. If he is jumping wait until 4 paws are on the ground and open. - Offer a treat as you are slipping on the leash - Walk briskly down the aisle with the handler on the side closest to the wall Walking: - Once in the hallway stop briefly and offer a treat. You can cue to sit and then treat as well. - During walks, please treat for any of the following: - Eye contact (i.e., he is walking and then turns around to look at you or check in) - Sitting - If he becomes distracted or begins pulling, make a kissing noise (aka a positive interrupter). When he looks back at you offer a treat. - As mentioned above Bernard does hyper focus on other animals. When walking if he looks at an animal give him a treat right away (counter conditioning). If he is too hyper focused to eat the treat create space by walking (use "Let's go"game see below) away from the other animal, he is likely over threshold. Once he looks back at you and is able to engage offer a treat and then ask for a known cue like sit and treat. - The Let's go game is a super simple, but effective way for helping to create space for dogs who may be uncomfortable or hyper focused. Simply begin walking/jogging in the opposite direction of the trigger while saying "let's go" in a happy voice. The happier your voice and body language the better the response. As soon as the dog turns to come with you and/or look at you, treat them and continue to treat them as you are walking away. - When coming back inside pause at the door to the aisle that you will be going down and treat for sitting, eye contact, hand target, etc. - When walking back to the kennel walk briskly down the aisle with the handler closest to the wall Unleashing: - Once in his cage, offer him a treat while taking the leash off - Once the leash is off, toss a treat towards the back of the kennel and close the door Thursday, 05 August, 2021 4:30PMBehavior
A2148204Thursday, 05 August, 2021times and I observed a slight decrease in the intensity of his focus and a quicker recovery and/or offering of alternative behaviors, however, continued work is very much needed as his threshold is very low. Once most of the dogs had gone back inside or had moved away, we walked back towards his run. I stopped in the hallway right outside the door to his aisle and we did a few hand targets and sits for treats before entering to help create a calmer door routine and to also keep his mind thinking and not simply acting on impulse. He did great with this and was very east to walk in and unleash. JJThursday, 05 August, 2021 4:25PMBehavior
A2148204Thursday, 05 August, 2021(cont from previous memo) times and I observed a slight decrease in the intensity of his focus and a quicker recovery and/or offering of alternative behaviors, however, continued work is very much needed as his threshold is very low. Once most of the dogs had gone back inside or had moved away, we walked back towards his run. I stopped in the hallway right outside the door to his aisle and we did a few hand targets and sits for treats before entering to help create a calmer door routine and to also keep his mind thinking and not simply acting on impulse. He did great with this and was very east to walk in and unleash. JJThursday, 05 August, 2021 4:26PMBehavior
A2148204Sunday, 08 August, 202108/08/21 10:41 I grabbed Bernard this AM to spend some time with him and continue working on his hyperfocus around other animals and loose leash walking (LLW). When I approached his kennel he was resting comfortably at the front with relaxed BL (face soft, ears neutral, body relaxed and sprawled out with hips rolled). He got up and came to the front when he saw me, BL remained loose. He readily ate treats offered and did great with keeping 4 paws on the ground to exit. He pulled a little on the way to the office, but still responded to the + interrupter and offered a few check ins on his own. Once in the office he readily enaged with me and so we began by continuing the work with the hand target. He did excellent with this and did it correct apx. 80-85% of the time. Occasionally he would offer a sit instead, but when I reset him, would then target my hand. We also practiced the + interrupter which he responded to every time, as well as, the let's go game, which he did well with. I then tried to engage him in play, but he wasn't very interested in the toys and instead bounced around with loose and exaggerated movements and then solicited attention from me. He seemed to really enjoy the attention and continued to solicit more frequently throughout the session. I took him outside in the middle of the session to see if he needed to use the restroom. He walked great with the slip lead in a harness position and readily offered frequent check ins which I reinforced. We also practiced the + interrupter and let's go game while outside, and he did fantastic with this responding apx. 95% of the time. His walking was also greatly improved as he was engaging with me and I offered reinforcement for a loose leash. We did not see any other animals while on our walk so I was unable to practice ds/cc at this time. When we came back to the office a gave him an enrichment item (paper towel roll stuffed with treats). He did not seem to understand initially, but when I opened one of the ends just a bit he started rolling it around and then tearing it apart and eating the snacks. He readily engaged with this item until it was out of treats. He then rested comfortably in the office both by the window and by my chair. I reinforced relaxed body posture (clamly, treats appeared). Additionally, a cat walked by the window while he was resting by my chair. I noted that he lifted his head, ears forward, staring, and stood up. When I used the + interrupter (cont. on next memo)JJSunday, 08 August, 2021 10:50AMBehavior
A2148204Sunday, 08 August, 20218/8-(continued from previous memo) he came right to me and sat for a treat. I asked for a hand target and he readily did this as well. He then rested for a bit longer before going back to his kennel. We walked outside on the way back to his cage and again, he did excellent (offered lots of check ins, slack in leash, respondent to touch cues and let's go cues). We did see someone walking a small dog at a distance (we were on the corner of the building by my office and they were near the yards) and he looked briefly, but came back for the + interrupter and didn't go back to staring. Instead, he offered sniffing in the grass. Continued work is needed on this, especially at times where there are more dogs out walking. Will try to spend some time with him working on the hyperfocus around other animals this afternoon when there are more dogs outside. Walked nicely back into the run and went into his kennel readily. Offered a sit for me to take off the leash, reinforced. I also tossed a treat to the back of the cage upon exiting. JJSunday, 08 August, 2021 10:55AMBehavior
A2148204Thursday, 19 August, 20218/18/2021-I got Bernard out to walk and hang in the yard twice yesterday (early AM and early evening). He did great both times in the kennel and readily offered a sit to be leashed and come out. He also offered sits at the door to go outside. In the AM I took him to a yard so he could roam around a bit. He urinated and defecated outside and then came and solicited attention and engagement from me. He readily offered known cues like sit, touch, and paw, but also really enjoyed doing some targeting while walking over the mini a-frame in the yard. By the end he was readily doing this without having to follow the hand target. He was uninterested in toys in the yard and preferred to just explore, solicit attention, and engage in traning. In the early evening we went on a walk. He pulled a bit, especially initially, but then started to offer more check ins and slack in the leash. He again urinated and defecated while on the walk. Both times he did great walking back in and was easy to unleash in his cage. JJThursday, 19 August, 2021 11:21AMBehavior
A2148204Wednesday, 01 September, 2021g000517 Anesthesia was induced using an injectable combination of sedatives Maintenance: endotracheal tube, isoflurane Patient was aseptically prepared for surgery. A midline pre-scrotal incision was made, both testicles were exteriorized, and the left and right spermatic cords were ligated and inspected for bleeding. The subcutaneous tissue was sutured. An intradermal pattern with absorbable monofilament suture was used to suture skin. Tissue glue was applied to incision. A green tattoo was applied on the abdomen to indicate patient has been sterilized. A microchip was inserted. RABIES VACCINE ADMINISTERED: NOBIVAC RABVAC 1 serial# 500084 lot# 520151 Discharge instructions: 1. Exercise restriction: no running, jumping, playing with people or other animals, or long walks 2. Do not bathe for 10 days 3. Suture removal not necessary 4. Monitor incision for discharge, redness, swelling. If green, yellow or thick bloody discharge is present please take pet to a veterinarian immediately. 5. Keep e-collar on at all times for 10 days following surgery. Wednesday, 01 September, 2021 10:59AMMedical
A2148204Thursday, 16 September, 202109/16/21 17:25 I moved Bernard to a viewing room for the day to give him a break from the kennel and to feature him. He readily came to the front of the cage and sat to be leased. On the walk this AM he urinated for me and offered great check ins and a loose leash for the majority of the walk. Once in the viewing room he explored, ate treats, and offered sits for treats. I observed calmly looking out the window for most of the day. When I took him to a yard at the end of the night prior to moving him back to his kennel, he urinated and then solicited attention and treats from me. He readily engages and seems to enjoy working and learning for snacks. He walked well back to the kennel and offered a sit for me to unleash. JJThursday, 16 September, 2021 5:27PMBehavior
A2148204Saturday, 25 September, 2021Bernand has been doing better with me with listening, moving when I need him to clean as well as on his walks. He responds very good to treats while in his room as well as in the play yard. He responding to training cues sit, come up (jumps up and sits on bench), paw for both paws (favors his right paw). Still reacts to dogs but not so much when he's focused on me. Does still pull but not too bad as long as you have him check in with you. I try to have him sit and wait to take on and off the leash and before going through doors.Saturday, 25 September, 2021 2:25PMBehavior
A2148204Wednesday, 29 September, 2021Bernard isn't an issue for me to leash, he slips right through and walks right to the door. He can be a very strong puller during walks and will pull towards other dogs. He does have a habit of stopping and focusing then trying to pull you in the direction he wants but otherwise he has decent leash manners. In the yard, he explores and might trail other dogs and then runs into you for attention. He enjoys the scratches and can come when called but he can be easily distracted.Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 3:4PMBehavior
A2148204Sunday, 03 October, 2021This patient is not showing any signs of illness, has no change in body condition and has no reported current medical concerns noted by staff.Sunday, 03 October, 2021 3:53PMMedical
A2148204Sunday, 17 October, 202110/17/21 17:17-I moved Bernard to a viewing room for the day to give him a break from the kennel. During our walk in the AM he pulled a bit, but was easy to redirect and continued to check in with me frequently during walks. He readily offered the sit and paw cues on his own for treats. He also urinated and defecated while on the walk. In his room initially he explored and ate treats and I observed him pacing around a bit and looking out of the window. As the day progressed he seemed to relax more and would watch out of the window calmly or rest on his blanket. During our walk in the PM he did great and did not pull much at all. He readily checked in and offered LAT with other animals we passed. He walked great down the aisle back to his kennel and was easy to unleash. I am happy with the progress that Bernard has maintained. JJSunday, 17 October, 2021 5:19PMBehavior
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Saturday, 10 July, 2021T21-155688HealthyNo adverse health conditions3 months ago