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7 Years

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Wednesday, 16 June, 2021
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B: Stray/At Large
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13 days ago


Pet IDReference DateNoteStampNote Type
A2145056Tuesday, 15 June, 20216/15/21 Found on 6/13/21 on NW 38th and 8 St in Lauderhill. Found flier was created and sent to caller.Tuesday, 15 June, 2021 7:50PMNote
A2145056Wednesday, 16 June, 2021**SPONSORED BY THE PET PROJECT**Tuesday, 12 October, 2021 10:0AMIntake / Outcome
A2145056Wednesday, 16 June, 2021Tech Exam History: TPR: not able to obtain Physical Examination General Appearance: qar, wounds on neck, no appetite Eyes: swelling around OD Ears: no abnormalities noted Oral: pink mm Cardio/Respiratory: no abnormalities noted Musculoskeletal: no abnormalities noted Neurologic: no abnormalities noted Lymphatic: no abnormalities noted Skin: several healing wounds on neck and side of face, growth on back, thin coat on rump Abdomen: no abnormalities noted Urogenital: no abnormalities noted Treatment: 51-100# Interceptor po ,Metacam po sid 3d, 2-300mg Clindamycin capsules po sid 10d Ivermectin and pyrantel are provided orally once a month for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention Wednesday, 16 June, 2021 6:53PMMedical
A2145056Wednesday, 16 June, 2021[BLANK]Wednesday, 16 June, 2021 6:15PMMedical
A2145056Wednesday, 16 June, 2021DATE:6/16/21 INTAKE: FIELD GREEN Aggression? No If yes, what happened? Level of Fear? Low Level of Friendliness? High Microchip:N/A Initials:3192 Wednesday, 16 June, 2021 6:15PMNote
A2145056Thursday, 17 June, 202160# Metacam suspension (1.5mg/ml) po sid 3d, 2-300mg Clindamycin capsules po sid 10d Wednesday, 16 June, 2021 7:5PMMedical
A2145056Sunday, 20 June, 2021in kennel and outside Rome is anxious. seems housebroken pulls on leash. parks alot in kennel, and paces.Sunday, 20 June, 2021 2:0PMBehavior
A2145056Saturday, 26 June, 2021ROME A2145056 60 lbs., 7 years old Rome is a 7 year old senior who was found as a stray in mid-June. Rome had several healing wounds on his neck and the side of his face, and thinning coat. Rome is a lovely boy with a little anxiety issue. When we took him outside, we noticed that his anxiety bubbled up as soon as we stepped away- he seems to prefer having people close to him. Before Rome gets too stressed out living in a kennel, we're really hoping some kind soul(s) will come in and meet him. He's a charmer once you spend some time with him outside his kennel, and we're completely sure that the love will be mutual! Can you help Rome find a loving home/!? Contact If you think Rome might be the loving companion you've been looking for, contact To foster, contact Saturday, 26 June, 2021 5:53PMRescue
A2145056Saturday, 26 June, 2021Saturday, 26 June, 2021 5:53PMRescue-Rescblast
A2145056Thursday, 01 July, 2021[BLANK]Thursday, 01 July, 2021 5:20PMMedical
A2145056Saturday, 03 July, 2021behavior is not improving, sometimes he pulls back when going inside kennel. i use two leashes to avoid him redirecting on me.Saturday, 03 July, 2021 5:6PMBehavior
A2145056Monday, 12 July, 20212nd Rescue Bulletin SentMonday, 12 July, 2021 1:34PMRescue
A2145056Thursday, 15 July, 2021completedThursday, 15 July, 2021 4:40PMMedical
A2145056Monday, 19 July, 2021has not improved behavior. is still very anxious. outside he whimpers, and gets fustrated when handler walks him in different direction. today during walk, he started to bite on leash. he did understand verbal correction, but it took a couple of times for him to stop. i continue to use two leashes because he might bite hand when i reach over. seems housebroken. Monday, 19 July, 2021 7:17PMBehavior
A2145056Monday, 26 July, 2021Rome's anxiety continues, today i noticed him jumping upsetting neighboring dog (which is actually a very calm boy). i gave him a hard treat for him to chew on. that worked only for a few minutes. he continues to pull on leash always walking very stressed.Monday, 26 July, 2021 7:8PMBehavior
A2145056Tuesday, 24 August, 2021This patient is not showing any signs of illness, has no change in body condition and has no reported current medical concerns noted by staff.Tuesday, 24 August, 2021 4:27PMMedical
A2145056Thursday, 26 August, 2021**SPONSORED BY PET PROJECT** The Pet Project will provide food, annual vaccinations, heartworm medication, flea and tick medication and reduced cost veterinary care to adopter or foster parent for dog's lifetime. Must contact Sue Martino, Executive Director for services. Adopter or Foster Parent's Contact info will be given to Sue for record of those utilizing program. Pet Project For Pets - The Rescue Bank Affiliate Ft. Lauderdale & De Land Florida a signature program of Greater 954 568 5678 (office) 917 751 3173 (Cell) Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale) Warehouse 2200 NW 9th Avenue Wilton Manors, FL 33311 De Land Warehouse JD Associates LLC 1325 Yorktown Street De Land, FL 32724Thursday, 26 August, 2021 5:32PMNote
A2145056Friday, 27 August, 2021Coughing Doxycycline 100mg- 2.5 tabs po q 24 hrs for 10 days (250mg total)Friday, 27 August, 2021 1:10PMMedical
A2145056Tuesday, 21 September, 2021G000517 Anesthesia was induced using an injectable combination of sedatives Maintenance: endotracheal tube, isoflurane Patient was aseptically prepared for surgery. A midline pre-scrotal incision was made, both testicles were exteriorized, and the left and right spermatic cords were ligated and inspected for bleeding. The subcutaneous tissue was sutured. An intradermal pattern with absorbable monofilament suture was used to suture skin. Tissue glue was applied to incision. A green tattoo was applied on the abdomen to indicate patient has been sterilized. A microchip was inserted. RABIES VACCINE ADMINISTERED: NOBIVAC RABVAC Serial#: 500084 Lot#: 520151 exp: 8/9/22 Discharge instructions: 1. Exercise restriction: no running, jumping, playing with people or other animals, or long walks 2. Do not bathe for 10 days 3. Suture removal not necessary 4. Monitor incision for discharge, redness, swelling. If green, yellow or thick bloody discharge is present please take pet to a veterinarian immediately. 5. Keep e-collar on at all times for 10 days following surgery. Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 10:7AMMedical
A2145056Tuesday, 21 September, 2021Periodontal disease- needs dental cleaning This patient is adoptable with a medical release due to suffering from periodontal disease that requires a dental cleaning. Unfortunately, most adult dogs and cats have periodontal disease due to the lack of teeth brushing. Bad breath is usually the primary sign of periodontal disease. Dogs' and cats' breath should not have a disagreeable odor. When periodontal disease advances, inability to chew hard food as well as excessive drooling with or without blood may occur. When periodontal disease is not treated, bacteria can continue to reproduce, creating deep pockets under the gum and teeth through bone destruction. If left untreated, periodontal diseases may cause loose painful teeth, tooth loss as well as internal disease. Treatment depends on the severity of disease. Early stages can be treated by teeth cleaning, polishing and application of antimicrobial products that help with plaque accumulation. In more advanced stages surgery is necessary to treat the affected teeth through specific procedures or extraction. Daily plaque control through tooth brushing is the key to help prevent periodontal disease. Special foods and treats are also available to help control calculus. Some products are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Any interested adopter must make an appointment with their own veterinarian for evaluation of patient to determine the best course of treatment within 2 weeks of adoption. Treatment of all medical conditions affecting this patient currently, or that patient may develop in the future is the adopter's responsibility. Once adopted, any and all bills and expenses incurred relating to this and any other conditions are the responsibility of the adopter. BCAC will not be responsible for any bills or expenses incurred relating to the condition of this patient. Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 10:11AMMedical
A2145056Tuesday, 21 September, 2021THIS ANIMAL HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR SAME DAY SURGERY PICK UP. ADOPTER IS AWARE THAT THIS ANIMAL WILL/MAY HAVE RESIDUAL SIDE EFFECTS FROM ANESTHESIA. THIS INCLUDES (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) DILATED/CONSTRICTED PUPILS, UNSTEADY WALK, AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR, & POSSIBLE VOMITING. ADOPTER WILL MONITOR THEIR ANIMAL THROUGHOUT THIS PERIOD. ALL FURTHER TREATMENTS/EXPENSES THAT MAY ARISE THROUGHOUT THIS RECOVERY PERIOD ARE THE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE ADOPTER AT THEIR OWN VET. BCAC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE. ADOPTER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT BCAC DOES NOT OFFER AFTER HOURS CARE. Post-Surgical Care Instructions: Anesthesia can cause nausea and vomiting, we suggest that you only offer your pet ½ of his or her normal meal size post-surgery. Normal feeding should continue the following day. Keep your pet calm. Patients' recovering from surgery should have limited exercise. No running, jumping, bathing, climbing on furniture, playing with other pets or with humans, or other strenuous activities for 10-14 days. Remember to keep your pet indoors, it is crucial to avoid possible infection. Walk your pet on a leash to allow him/her to urinate or defecate and do not take your pet for long walks during this time. Check the incision site daily for swelling, redness or discharge. Any swelling should be minimal and resolve within 48 hours. A small amount of yellow-orange discharge is normal the first 48 hours. If there is yellow-green discharge, excessive swelling or bruising, or a large amount of blood, please seek veterinary care immediately. Do not allow your pet to lick his or her incision site. If an E-collar was provided it must stay on pet at all times for 10 days. Failure to do so may result in infection, dehiscence (opening of surgical site) and the need for further surgical attention. If sutures are present on incision, they are due to be removed 10 days after surgery. Thank you for adopting!Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 10:7AMMedical
A2145056Tuesday, 21 September, 2021Skin growth removal This patient had a skin growth surgical excised. There are sutures in the skin that need to be removed in two weeks. Please keep an E-collar on to prevent chewing out the sutures. Monitor for excessive redness, swelling or discharge from the incision. Keep it clean and dry. There is always the chance of regrowth or additional development of skin growths. Treatment of all medical or surgical conditions affecting this patient currently, or that patient may develop in the future is the adopter's responsibility. Once adopted, any and all bills and expenses incurred relating to this and any other conditions are the responsibility of the adopter. BCAC will not be responsible for any bills or expenses incurred relating to the condition of this patient. Tuesday, 21 September, 2021 10:11AMMedical
A2145056Friday, 24 September, 2021vet recheck mass removal- healing well Friday, 24 September, 2021 5:10PMMedical
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Condition History

Evaluation DateEvaluation IdentifierConditionCondition Detail / ReasonTime Recorded
Wednesday, 16 June, 2021T21-147585Treatable-RehabilitatableSuperficial wounds/ Abscesses4 months ago