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3 Years

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Monday, 01 February, 2021
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B: Stray/At Large
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A2123106Monday, 01 February, 2021DATE: 02/01/21 INTAKE: FIELD GREEN Aggression? No If yes, what happened? Level of Fear? Low Level of Friendliness? High Microchip: No Initials: CC Monday, 01 February, 2021 1:43PMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 01 February, 2021Please see behavior note-resource guards food. -Back fr. foster 10/17 Saturday, 23 October, 2021 1:14PMIntake / Outcome
A2123106Monday, 01 February, 2021[BLANK]Monday, 01 February, 2021 1:42PMMedical
A2123106Tuesday, 02 February, 2021 DATE:2/2/21 INTAKE: YELLOW Aggression? No If yes, what happened? Level of Fear? Low Level of Friendliness? Med Microchip: Initials:tg Tuesday, 02 February, 2021 12:11PMBehavior
A2123106Tuesday, 02 February, 2021History:stray Physical Examination General Appearance: bar Eyes: no abnormalities noted Ears: no abnormalities noted Oral: no abnormalities noted Cardio/Respiratory: no abnormalities noted Musculoskeletal: no abnormalities noted Neurologic: no abnormalities noted Lymphatic: no abnormalities noted Skin: no abnormalities noted Abdomen: no abnormalities noted Urogenital: no abnormalities noted Treatment: Ivermectin and pyrantel are provided orally once a month for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention Tuesday, 02 February, 2021 12:10PMMedical
A2123106Thursday, 04 February, 2021Pickle is a bit anxious/scared. I'd maybe even say high strung. He is friendly, though, and is easy to take out. He goes back in fine so far. Seems to be dog friendly; he walks well, but he does get sudden zoomies, especially if he's just pooped, so hang on to the leash tight. Thursday, 04 February, 2021 5:53PMBehavior
A2123106Friday, 05 February, 2021G000648 Anesthesia was induced using an injectable combination of sedatives Maintenance: endotracheal tube, isoflurane Patient was aseptically prepared for surgery. A midline pre-scrotal incision was made, both testicles were exteriorized, and the left and right spermatic cords were ligated and inspected for bleeding. The subcutaneous tissue was sutured. An intradermal pattern with absorbable monofilament suture was used to suture skin. Tissue glue was applied to incision. A green tattoo was applied on the abdomen to indicate patient has been sterilized. A microchip was inserted. RABIES VACCINE ADMINISTERED: NOBIVAC RABVAC Serial# 420628 EXP. 10/05/2021 Discharge instructions: 1. Exercise restriction: no running, jumping, playing with people or other animals, or long walks 2. Do not bathe for 10 days 3. Suture removal not necessary 4. Monitor incision for discharge, redness, swelling. If green, yellow or thick bloody discharge is present please take pet to a veterinarian immediately. 5. Keep e-collar on at all times for 10 days following surgery. Friday, 05 February, 2021 2:10PMMedical
A2123106Monday, 08 February, 2021While assessing Pickle, Good Karma used the fake hand test to test Pickle's resource guarding with his food bowl. Pickle reacted negatively to the hand in his bowl test, though he did allow petting with the hand while eating. He may relax in time, but recommended for counseling with any potential adopter, esp. one with kids at home.Monday, 08 February, 2021 5:25PMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 08 February, 2021bed was removed he attacks it and flips it over *he is getting or starting to redirect on leash going back in, he wants to cage fight and he seems to not take correction very well Monday, 08 February, 2021 5:58PMBehavior
A2123106Wednesday, 10 February, 202102/10/21 12:11 Pickle walks terrible on the leash as he consistently pulls and chockes himself. If he sees another dog he will tug even harder and run full speed toward it even on leash. When initially leashing him he is pretty strong for being skinny so as soon as the run door was cracked open he forced himsel fout of the run. Returning to run can be difficult as he can redirect depending on how crazy the dogs in the kennel next to his are acting. F.M.Wednesday, 10 February, 2021 12:15PMBehavior
A2123106Saturday, 13 February, 2021Coughing, decreased appetite Cerenia 2.5ml (10mg/ml) once Doxycycline 150mg- 1.67 tabs once daily for 7 days (follow with 6cc water if have to give pill directly) Mirtazapine 15mg po q 24 hrs for 7 days G000620Saturday, 13 February, 2021 2:59PMMedical
A2123106Monday, 15 February, 2021i do not trust Pickle. i can leash/walk him only when i was placing blanket in kennel, there was a treat near me and he came over, stood over treat and showed full hackles i backed out of kennel slowly and he watched me leave. then ate his treat when other staff walk him he stops, body becomes stiff, shows hackles when he sees dogs from a far if there are no other dogs around he will wag tail and doesnt mind being pet on head going back in he will try to cage fight *pickle is currently on Kennel Cough treatment, and seems a bit down, and he still presents negative behaviorMonday, 15 February, 2021 1:56PMBehavior
A2123106Sunday, 07 March, 2021Energy Level: Active. Appetite: Eating. Stool: N/A. Notes: Friendly. Anxious and jumping around in kennel. Sunday, 07 March, 2021 2:38PMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 08 March, 2021Pickle was moved to a corner kennel. He is very dog reactive, and continues to jump high, to cage fight with neighboring dog.Monday, 08 March, 2021 4:47PMBehavior
A2123106Thursday, 11 March, 2021Pickle has become extremely kennel reactive, he is constantly fingerprinting his kennel and constatnly jumping.Thursday, 11 March, 2021 4:46PMBehavior
A2123106Friday, 12 March, 2021G000648 Very friendly! Scraped both knees - superfical Soaked and cleaned wounds with diluted chlorhexidine TX: Panalog to wounds SID x 7 daysFriday, 12 March, 2021 12:38PMMedical
A2123106Saturday, 13 March, 2021Energy Level: Active. BAR. Appetite: Eating. Stool: N/A. Notes: Very dog reactive. Knows command, "Sit." Shows a little fear/aggressive in the cage, but go slow to earn trust. Loves treats.Sunday, 14 March, 2021 2:38PMBehavior
A2123106Saturday, 13 March, 2021Pickle bumped into another dog on way thru door, and immediately latched onto the other dogs ear. He is unpredictable and seems to be developing a dog aggressive stance. He is fine away from other dogs, laying on the ground and watching them play in yards. It is only in face to face meetings where this behavior is showing.Friday, 23 April, 2021 11:50AMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 15 March, 2021Dogs Needing Rescue Placement March 15, 2021 If you are interested in rescuing one of the pets listed below, please email the pet's id number to Rescue@Broward.orgMonday, 15 March, 2021 5:45PMRescue
A2123106Monday, 15 March, 2021*duplicateMonday, 15 March, 2021 1:13PMMedical
A2123106Monday, 15 March, 2021Fecal float: whipworms. Give panacur as indicated (56#). Noted FAS signs- jumping excessively inside cage, abrasions on stifles. Overall nice dog. G000648 Trazadone 100 mg 2 tabs po sid x 14d Simplicef 100 mg 1.5 tabs po sid x 7d Gabapentin 100mg- 2 po sidTuesday, 16 March, 2021 1:14PMMedical
A2123106Sunday, 21 March, 2021Pickle continues to attempt to cage fight his neighboring dog, that is 2 cages away. Pickle is in corner kennel with no next door dog for 2 weeks, but he continues to try to cage fight whatever dog he can see or hear.Sunday, 21 March, 2021 10:48AMBehavior
A2123106Friday, 26 March, 2021moved to covered kennel in 180. He is jumping high enoguh to get to the top of the kennel. Pickle is constantly jumping in his kennel even when there are no dogs next to him.Friday, 26 March, 2021 12:19PMBehavior
A2123106Sunday, 28 March, 2021Continue TrazadoneSunday, 28 March, 2021 9:56AMMedical
A2123106Monday, 29 March, 2021Continue trazadone- yes, treatment enteredMonday, 29 March, 2021 12:5PMMedical
A2123106Thursday, 15 April, 2021Continue TrazadoneFriday, 14 May, 2021 10:44AMMedical
A2123106Wednesday, 21 April, 2021Stereotypic behavior- repetitive jumping and circling in kennel. Gabapentin 100mg- 2 tabs daily. Continue treatment 5/20Wednesday, 21 April, 2021 3:33PMMedical
A2123106Saturday, 01 May, 202105/01/21 13:25 Pickle is a sweet boy who just does not kennel well. He is very friendly on his own, he enjoys being pet and walks very well on the leash. He is developing dog reactive behaviors and inside his run, he jumps and flips off the walls all day long. If he encounters another dog while outside, he might tug on the leash a bit, but that is it. Other than this, he is very gentle and friendly.Saturday, 01 May, 2021 1:27PMBehavior
A2123106Friday, 14 May, 2021**Continue Trazadone and Gabapentin (re-evaluate in 30 days)Friday, 14 May, 2021 3:53PMMedical
A2123106Monday, 17 May, 2021GoodKarma trainer had evaluated Pickle twice. the first time, when she tested him with food reaction. he bit the plastic hand that she uses. The second time, maybe a month later, she attempted again, this time he attacked her shoe. no injury.Monday, 17 May, 2021 6:59PMBehavior
A2123106Thursday, 17 June, 2021 Thursday, 17 June, 2021 3:51PMRescue-Rescblast
A2123106Thursday, 17 June, 2021Meet Pickles! A2123106 2 Years Old. Weighs 56 Lbs. Pickles arrived at our facilities as a stray. Pickles is very sweet, friendly, and playful - he loves to take breaks during his walks to receive affection. Pickles is not sheltering well; he is beginning to display some frustrations while inside the kennel. We feel that in a more suitable environment, Pickles will only be a sweet dill! If you can help Pickles find a loving home, please contact us at Each shelter pet is evaluated as an individual. The nature and urgency of each pet's rescue plea is determined based on the current state of their health and behavior. Thursday, 17 June, 2021 3:28PMRescue
A2123106Saturday, 19 June, 2021continues to jump in circles, finger paint kennel with feces (even when he did not have any neighboring dogs). Saturday, 19 June, 2021 11:47AMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 21 June, 2021Continue Trazadone and Gabapentin. FAS/Stereotypic behavior in kennel.Monday, 21 June, 2021 4:28PMMedical
A2123106Saturday, 26 June, 2021FOSTER UPDATE: 1. Is your foster pet crate trained? Yes 2. Is your foster pet potty trained? No 3. How does your foster pet do with stairs? Well. 4. Is your foster pet good with commands? Yes. 5. Does your foster pet resource guard e.g., exhibit possessive aggressive behaviors with food? 6. Does your foster pet resource guard e.g., exhibit possessive aggressive behaviors with toys? No. 7. How does your foster pet do with cats? Not good. 8. Does your foster pet chew on things? No. 9. Does your foster pet display any behavior issues that is concerning? In all honesty no. Pickle has a has a great heart with innocent intentions but just like most stray dogs there still is a lot of training that pickle needs. 10. Is your foster pet good with kids? How old are the kids? Yes, he's calm with all ages . 11. How does your foster pet do on walks? Does your foster pet pull on the leash? No. 12. How does your foster pet do in a car? Very well, likes to lay down on your lap in the car. 13. How does your foster pet behave around other people? He's great! Very sweet, happy and excited around people. Playful as well. 14. How does your foster pet do near other animals? With our dog he was good with him up until he felt like he was being bothered. Pickle is the kind of dog that needs his own space after a while. Although pickle and our dog didn't really do bad together, pickle isn't recommended to be around other dogs. 15. Does your foster pet behave while you eat? Yes. Even sits down right in front of me. 16. Does your foster pet beg for food at dinner time? No, but when it's time for him to eat his food he is very protective about it. Don't bother him when he is eating. This goes for most dogs. 17. How does your foster pet accept treats? Gentle but gets excited. 18. Do you know anyone that may be interested in your foster pet? Not at the moment. 19. Are you currently promoting your foster pet on your own? Yes. 20. Is there any other type of information you can share on your foster pet? Pickle is an amazing sweet boy! He is so lovable. He is very playful when his personality comes out. He is a great boy and has a lot to offer.Saturday, 26 June, 2021 4:26AMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 26 July, 2021no improvements. finger paints kennel with feces, sometimes twice a day. and does not stop jumping.Monday, 26 July, 2021 7:29PMBehavior
A2123106Sunday, 01 August, 20218/1-Was sitting at the front of the kennel when I approached with neutral body language. Readily came out of the cage and walked nicely on leash down the hall (all other dogs were sectioned off on the other side of their housing at the time). Walked well on leash to the office and readily ate treats during this time. Once in the office, readily explored and solicited attention. Not much interest in toys, but loved all treats. Knew the sit and paw cues. Began working on a hand target and "let's go." Did great with both of these and readily engaged with me. Solicited attention on/off throughout session, but also relaxed near me and the window (laid down calmly with relaxed BL). Calmly watched a few cats pass the window during this time. No issues walking him past the other dogs when going back to his kennel. Readily went into the cage and sate while I took his leash off. Treated throughout this process. JJWednesday, 04 August, 2021 4:58PMBehavior
A2123106Tuesday, 03 August, 2021Continue Trazadone and Gabapentin. FAS/Stereotypic behavior in kennel.Tuesday, 03 August, 2021 10:47AMMedical
A2123106Sunday, 08 August, 202108/08/21 13:04 I spent some time with Pickle today to check in and also to give him a break from his kennel. When I approached the kennel he was jumping and barking with body tense, focused, pupils dilated. I offered a treat when he had 4 paws on the ground and he took it readily. He then sat and allowed me to open the door and leash him easily. He walked quickly down the row, but no interest in the other dogs. Once outside he sniffed around and offered some check ins for treats. In the office he sniffed around but quickly came over and solicited some attention. He seemed to enjoy the petting and after a few minutes I tried to engage him in play. He was uninterested. He then began trying to hump me. He was persistent for a few minutes and I just moved and ignored him so as not to engage. Once he lost interest I gave him an enrichment item (box stuffed with treats). He readily engaged with this until all of the treats were out. We then worked on a hand target. He did okay with this, but it needs some more work to be a reilable behavior. He does offer a nice sit frequently and will also offer both paws when cued. After this he rested for a while comfortably (laying down, hips rolled, head down, body soft). When taking him back to his cage we walked outside. He urinated for me which I reinforced with a treat. He walked nicely back, but when we got to the run I noted that his BL became more stressed and aroused (body more tense, weight shifted forward, pupils dilated, able to engage less). Once in his cage I could tell that he was already stressed due to more signifcant of the above noted signals. Allowed me to unleash without issue and I tossed a few treats to the back of the cage as I was exiting. JJSunday, 08 August, 2021 1:13PMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 09 August, 202108/09/21 17:10 I noted on my walk throughs doing C4C/Q today that Pickle seemed more stressed IK than he had last week. In the AM he had painted his cage with feces and was displaying frequent stereotyped beahviors (spinning on the ground, jumping, spinning and jumping). He would breifly stop to take treats, but BL was still stressed (excessive panting, vigilant, unable to relax or be still, pupils dilated, unable to engage for an extended period). I also noted similar behaviors during my rounds in the afternoon. Towards the middle of the afternoon I went to get him to bring him to the office for a session. He jumped up frequently as I was going to open the door and I waited for 4 paws on the ground before opening and leashing. Once leashed Pickle headed for the door. I did not note any reactive type behaviors towards the other dogs. Once in the hallway, I was able to pause and he sat and hand targeted for treats. We then walked to the outside door and walked outside to the office. He urinated on the way to the office, but was otherwise uninterested and/or unable to engage. Once inthe office he quickly solicited attention. Like yesterday, he did attempt to hump me several times, but I redirected him to alternative, incompatible behaviors and then gave him something to do and this ceased. Throughout the session we did small bouts of hand targeting, sitting, and shaking for treats, interspersed with small bits of attention and quiet time. Pickle relaxed nicely in the office and slept and seemed comfortable for some time. On the walk back to his kennel he offered lots of check ins and slack in the leash. He also urinated which I reinforced. Once at the door to the aisle where his cage is, I paused as I noted more alert BL (ears perked forward, body more tense, more vigilant). We did a sit and a hand target which he readily did. He walked down the aisle without any reactive type behavior towards the other dogs, however, as soon as he was in his cage, unleashed, and the door closed, he began spinning again. I was able to interrupt and redirect, but only briefly. JJMonday, 09 August, 2021 5:18PMBehavior
A2123106Tuesday, 10 August, 2021Trazodone 100mg- 1.5 tabs by mouth once daily (total dose 150mg) Fluoxetine 10mg- 2.5 tabs once daily long term (25mg total). Do not discontinue abruptly). Continue treatment on 9/8***Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 5:29PMMedical
A2123106Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 This happy face belongs to Pickle! Pickle is a sweet, friendly, playful, handsome and happy boy. Pickle has been in our facilities since February, he has found shelter environment very stressful, making it difficult to be himself around strangers. Pickle spent a month with a loving foster family; his foster parents described him as having a heart of gold, Pickles did great with children of all ages, he was an expert walking on leash, loved being around people, was very playful and excited to be around others and enjoyed napping on laps during car rides. Words foster parents used to describe Pickle: Amazing, sweet, lovable, innocent, playful, great. Click to watch Pickle in action: 3 Years Old, 56 Lbs. Pickle is looking for a little time to decompress in a loving home. If you can help Pickle find a loving permanent home, please contact us at Each shelter pet is evaluated as an individual. The nature and urgency of each pet's rescue plea is determined based on the current state of their health and behavior. Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 2:39PMRescue
A2123106Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 2:39PMRescue-Rescblast
A2123106Sunday, 15 August, 20218/12-Pickle spent the majority of his day in an old viewing room that was modified to a break room for the day. On each walk through that I did I noted that he was resting comfortably on the blankets in the corner or was standing/sitting with neutral BL watching people pass. I did not recieve any complaints from staff and had other staff members note that they also observed neutral-relaxed behavior from him throughout the day. Moved back to his kennel at the end of the day.JJSunday, 15 August, 2021 10:8AMBehavior
A2123106Monday, 16 August, 202108/16/21 12:09 Yesterday John noted that he had been having issues with Pickle mounting him while walking and noted that this was a fairly new issue. I noted that I had just started having issues with this recently too and have been attributing it to increased stress and frustration and a possible coping mechanisim for dealing with this. Due to this I took Pickle on a walk soon after arriving this AM and let him relax in the office for most of the AM. I did note that he still occasionally attemtped to mount me, but that he was less intense about it and offered more appropriate, incompatiable behavior more quickly. I reinforced these heavily and noted that by then end he was no longer do this. This could be due to a reduction in stress and/or due to alternative reinforcement of the incompatiable behaviors. While in the office he spent time self entertaining with a soft, squeaky toy, interacting with a stuffed kong, resting comfortably on the blankets or by my chair, soliciting attention, and engaging in training (knows sit and paw cues, WIP on hand target). He walked well both to and from the kennel and once back in his kennel, readily engaged with a few enrichment items waiting for him (PB/wet food frisbee and wet food kong). Will continue to monitor throughout the day and talk with John about his interactions with Pickle in order to recommend the best possible plan. JJMonday, 16 August, 2021 12:15PMBehavior
A2123106Wednesday, 18 August, 202108/18/21 14:33 I walked Pickle first thing this morning to provide him with a chance to eliminate outside and then to give him a break from the kennel and in the office for a while. He kept 4 paws on the ground for me to leash him, but the dog next to him was jumping and he was spinning and watching him do this while I leashed. Unable to redirect with treats likely due to threshold being exceeded and stress and frustration high. Once out of the kennel he walked well down the aisle and did great while walking outside. He did not defecate, but did urinate on the walk to the office. Once in the office he quickly solicited attention and then went and laid down on the blankets. Throughout the session he spent time soliciting attention and then resting either next to my chair or on the blankets. He also spent a large chunk of time sleeping in these areas. He attempted to hump me once during the session, but quickly stopped when I took away attention and offered a sit instead. I reinforced this with lots of attention. Readily engaged for treats and offered both sit and paws when cued (also sit when not cued to do so). He walked well back to the kennel and offered lots of eye contact throughout. No issues going back into the kennel or unleashing, but did note changes in BL from relaxed-neutral to aroused when walking down the aisle and going back into his kennel. JJWednesday, 18 August, 2021 2:40PMBehavior
A2123106Sunday, 22 August, 20218/19/2021-I moved Pickle to a viewing room for the day due to continued IK stress. We walked outside first and he walked well on leash, urinated, solicited attention, and readily engaged for treats. Once in the room I mostly observed him resting on his blankets and occasionally watching out the door or window. Overall BL and behavior was significantly more relaxed. JJSunday, 22 August, 2021 10:2AMBehavior
A2123106Friday, 27 August, 2021Doxycycline 100mg- 2.5 tabs po q 24 hrs for 10 days (250mg total) Friday, 27 August, 2021 1:1PMMedical
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Tuesday, 02 February, 2021T21-109078HealthyNo adverse health conditions9 months ago