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4 Years

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Tuesday, 26 January, 2021
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B: Stray/At Large
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6480 SW 28 ST, MIRAMAR FL 33023
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4 months ago


Pet IDReference DateNoteStampNote Type
A2121972Tuesday, 26 January, 2021DATE: 01/26/21 INTAKE: FIELD GREEN Aggression? No If yes, what happened? Level of Fear? Low Level of Friendliness? High Microchip: No Initials: CC Tuesday, 26 January, 2021 4:52PMBehavior
A2121972Tuesday, 26 January, 2021named "clara" at intake Bonded w/ A2121970 *Heartworm Positive See notes.02/19/21 13:00cg. Foster took home crate 2/21/21Sunday, 21 February, 2021 1:56PMIntake / Outcome
A2121972Tuesday, 26 January, 2021[BLANK]Tuesday, 26 January, 2021 4:51PMMedical
A2121972Wednesday, 27 January, 2021History: Stray from ACO (came in with A2121970) Physical Examination General Appearance: BAR Eyes: mild reddish discharge Ears: no abnormalities noted Oral: no abnormalities noted Cardio/Respiratory: no abnormalities noted Musculoskeletal: no abnormalities noted; 6/9 BCS Neurologic: no abnormalities noted Lymphatic: no abnormalities noted Skin: no abnormalities noted Abdomen: no abnormalities noted Urogenital: no abnormalities noted Treatment: Nexgard, Interceptor Ivermectin and pyrantel are provided orally once a month for heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention Wednesday, 27 January, 2021 11:53AMMedical
A2121972Wednesday, 27 January, 2021Heartwprm positive Doxycycline PO SID x 30 daysWednesday, 27 January, 2021 4:1PMMedical
A2121972Sunday, 31 January, 2021Clara is a very sweet dog. She loves being pet and walks great on leash. She was in playgroup today and did fairly well with most the dogs.Sunday, 31 January, 2021 5:20PMBehavior
A2121972Thursday, 04 February, 2021This pet has received treatment for Heartworm disease following our FDA approved two-injection treatment protocol for Class 1 disease. While this treatment is 90% effective, it is the adopter's responsibility to have their pet re-tested after 6 months post treatment. The test will be positive for several months after treatment. Continue giving monthly heartworm prevention medications throughout the life of your dog. If the adopted pet retests positive, a repeat series may need to be given at adopter's own veterinarian/expense. Please keep your pet exercise restricted for one month following treatment to reduce chance of a severe complication. Treatment of all medical conditions affecting this patient currently, or that patient may develop in the future is the adopter's responsibility. Once adopted, any and all bills and expenses incurred relating to this and any other conditions are the responsibility of the adopter at their own veterinarian. BCAC will not be responsible for any bills or expenses incurred relating to the condition of this patient. Thursday, 04 February, 2021 2:12PMMedical
A2121972Thursday, 04 February, 2021G000620 MEDICAL RELEASE Diroban heartworm treatment: first injection. Administered deep IM left lumbar epaxial muscle. Anesthesia was induced using an injectable combination of sedatives Maintenance: endotracheal tube, isoflurane Patient was aseptically prepared for surgery. A ventral midline skin incision was made and extended through subcutaneous tissue and abdominal wall. The ovarian pedicle and uterine body were exteriorized, ligated and inspected for bleeding. The rectus fascia and the subcutaneous tissue were sutured. An intradermal pattern with absorbable monofilament suture was used to suture skin. Tissue glue was applied to incision. A green tattoo was applied on the abdomen to indicate patient has been sterilized. A microchip was inserted. RABIES VACCINE ADMINISTERED: NOBIVAC RABVAC Serial# 420628 Lot# 449678 EXP. 10/05/2021 Discharge instructions: 1. Exercise restriction: no running, jumping, playing with people or other animals, or long walks. 2. Do not bathe for 10 days 3. Suture removal not necessary 4. Monitor incision for discharge, redness, swelling. If green, yellow or thick bloody discharge is present please take pet to a veterinarian immediately. Thursday, 04 February, 2021 2:8PMMedical
A2121972Friday, 05 February, 2021Diroban 2.4mL Diroban heartworm treatment second injection of two-part series. Administered IM deep right lumbar epaxial muscle.Monday, 08 February, 2021 11:52AMMedical
A2121972Monday, 08 February, 2021great girl, calm clean quiet seems housebroken knows sit loves people affection non reactive towards other dogs great on leashMonday, 08 February, 2021 5:46PMBehavior
A2121972Thursday, 11 February, 2021H.W TREATMENT Additional Note: Thursday, 11 February, 2021 12:18PMPlaygroup
A2121972Saturday, 13 February, 2021Clara is a great girl. She walks well on the leash, loves to play and has a strong desire for affection. She loves chasing tennis balls and has a playful side to her. Most of the time she is very calm and quiet. She loves to be pet and will jump up on your lap to be snuggled. Very sweet and gentle dog!Saturday, 13 February, 2021 1:20PMBehavior
A2121972Thursday, 18 February, 202102/18/2021 18:03 walks well on leash,housebroken. M.BThursday, 18 February, 2021 6:3PMBehavior
A2121972Friday, 19 February, 2021 No Lunch Buddies, hasn't eaten in 2 days. Referred to clinic. 02/19/21 13:00cg.Friday, 19 February, 2021 1:0PMNote
A2121972Friday, 19 February, 2021G000648 Noticed moderate nasal d/c and mild cough during walkthrough. bAR Greet me at door Took treats well Tx doxy 150 mg 1 1/3 tabs po sid x 10dFriday, 19 February, 2021 5:41PMMedical
A2121972Tuesday, 16 March, 2021FOSTER UPDATE: 1. Are you planning to adopt your foster pet? If not, what is your intention? No, I intend to help find her forever home. 2. Is your foster pet crate trained? yes 3. Is your foster pet potty trained? yes 4. How does your foster pet do with stairs? yes 5. Is your foster pet good with commands? yes 6. Does your foster pet resource guard e.g., exhibit possessive aggressive behaviors with food? no She has no aggressive tendencies 7. Does your foster pet resource guard e.g., exhibit possessive aggressive behaviors with or toys? No 8. How does your foster pet do with cats? N/A 9. Does your foster pet chew on things? No only her toys 10. Does your foster pet display any behavior issues that is concerning? No 11. Is your foster pet good with kids? Yes 12. How does your foster pet do on walks? Does your foster pet pull on the leash? Yes, and she pulls a little bit. 13. How does your foster pet do in a car? She loves the car 14. How does your foster pet behave around other people? She is extremely friendly 15. How does your foster pet do near other animals? She is friendly 16. Does your foster pet behave while you eat? she just lays under the table 17. Does your foster pet beg for food at dinner time? No 18. How does your foster pet accept treats? Yes 19. Do you know anyone that may be interested in your foster pet? Yes, they are talking about adopting her 20. Are you currently promoting your foster pet on your own? Yes in person and through social media 21. Is there any other type of information you can share on your foster pet? She is a wonderful dog, she loves to go on adventures and run Tuesday, 16 March, 2021 11:6AMNote
A2121972Sunday, 28 March, 2021Foster parent states: E/D/U/def normal. No C/V/D/S. Overall doing great. Finished taking the doxycycline treatment for heartworm. foster informs they did find an adopter for Clara, but last minute the adopter backed out. Foster is willing to foster another 30 days for Clara and find a home soon. PE: BAR. Friendly, loves treats. MM:Pink >2sec. AU-clean, Skin-WNL, no abnormalities. TX: Given PO Nexgard 24-60lbs. and Interceptor plus 25-50lbs.- took it well. Advised foster to make an appt in 30 days from today.Sunday, 28 March, 2021 1:23PMMedical
A2121972Sunday, 04 April, 2021Per foster notice on the scar where the incision was made was infected and foster cleaned the infected area and applied neosporin oinment in which today seems to heal better. Overall doing great. E/D/U/Def- normal. No C/V/D/S. no other concerns. Informed the vet-G000517 as per vet- continue applying neosporin, the incision area seems to be healing much better than how the foster describes. No treatment or send medication home needed.Sunday, 04 April, 2021 3:36PMMedical
A2121972Friday, 30 April, 2021[BLANK]Friday, 30 April, 2021 3:2PMMedical
A2121972Friday, 21 May, 2021Per foster: E/D/U/def- normal. No C/V/D/S. Overall doing great. Foster though she had a tick on the belly. No sign of tick; only a very tiny dark spot on the skin- nothing abnormal. RX: Interceptor Plus (25-50lbs) and Nexgard (24-60lbs)-1 dose each- to be given on 05/30/21.Friday, 21 May, 2021 12:5PMMedical
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Condition History

Evaluation DateEvaluation IdentifierConditionCondition Detail / ReasonTime Recorded
Friday, 21 May, 2021T21-138236HealthyNo adverse health conditions3 weeks ago
Sunday, 28 March, 2021T21-120988HealthyNo adverse health conditions3 months ago
Wednesday, 27 January, 2021T21-107624Treatable-RehabilitatableHeartworm5 months ago